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Punjabi Sentence Builder Reviews

"I am trying to teach my children. I love the way the comparison is made to the way English is taught (ie sentence structure). The whole lesson was very helpful. I am very curious to see the subsequent lessons!"
— Jasminder, Indonesia

"I've been taking Punjabi lessons and I never understood how the sentences were made. I kept thinking that you just write it the same way as English. This has taught me and given me the knowledge how to write proper sentences and now I am improving in my lessons."
— Olivia, Canada

"The 100 common verb worksheet was a fantastic foundation for learning Punjabi and allowed me to familiarise myself with words I have heard relatives use whilst speaking the language fluently. The first lesson fantastically analysed the difference between the sentence structure on English and Punjabi which I have often struggled with."
— Hasdeep, United Kingom

"You never realize the importance of sentence structure until you try to learn a new language. Since grade school I have been terrible at this. I have been trying to learn Punjabi for about a year, searching for some kind of organization off of which to base my learning. Lesson one organized everything I needed to know with regards to sentence structure in a manageable and easily understandable way. I wish I started here a year ago, who knows how much more Punjabi I could have learned."
— Vito, United States

"I enjoyed learning through the systematic and simple approach. The emphasis on word order was a feature that I had never seen elsewhere online and it was helpful."
— Raghbir, The United Kingdom

"This course you have made is very unique from the other courses I've seen on the internet and thanks to its simplicity, I can now write simple Punjabi sentences or even speak them. I've learned a lot just by the first lesson. I'm very grateful, thank you for making this gem for us who want to learn Punjabi."
— Yvonnie, Philippines

"I know some basic Punjabi. My learning base was not consistent. Lesson One was amazing in that it taught you all the basics you need for simple sentence structure with just enough explanation. Not too much and not too little."
— Janel, United States

"I liked how the lesson has been layed out in an easy format. I am trying to teach my children who understand a little bit but do not speak Punjabi. The flash cards are well done."
— Kinder, Canada

"The structure of the lesson is easy to follow & the lesson itself is well written & easy to understand. I also like the alphabet flashcards, which are really useful for complete beginners like myself."
— Dawn, UK

"Lesson one was exceptionally well written and very clearly explained."
— Parjit, United Kingdom

"It is amazing because I'm teaching Punajbi to primary students I always face this problem how I can teach them sentence formation. I found you on google search and when I teach my kids the way you explain in your lesson, they learned so easily. I'm so happy."
— Navjot, Canada

"The explanation of the grammar was very simple and very clearly set out. I love that I was able to construct simple sentences by the end of the lesson. The present tense chart is fantastic. The flashcards fantastic, I've always used them for memorising vocal but this saves me the trouble of writing them out as all I have to do is print them and cut them up. I loved this first lesson! Thank you!"
— Candice, Australia

"I try to teach my children the Punjabi language but it is difficult teaching children who's first language is English. We use books mainly from India but have found these books are not user friendly for children in the UK. They find them difficult to follow, the children are use to the books in the UK i.e. simple layout, more pictures, better explanations of verbs, nouns etc. I like the way it is explained simply and broken down step by step, I feel more confident in teaching the language."
— Manjinder, United Kingdom

"This course was easy to follow and helped me to learn a little Punjabi quickly. I really had fun learning, and look forward to being able to speak fluent Punjabi!"
— Jenna, Canada

"The present tense chart gave a very comprehensive formula for producing basic sentences in Punjabi."
— Rishi, Costa Rica

"It was really useful and easy to understand as a beginner."
— Ameeta, United Kingdom

"I liked the logical progression and clear explanations on sentence structure."
— Anne, England

"This lesson is structured well. Easy to follow and practice."
— Jasvir, Malaysia

"I like that you stress word order, basic sentence structure and how to put theory into practice. I really see no room for improvement, I think you are doing an excellent job!"
— Martin, United States

"The lesson was very simple and concise, easy to understand. Great job on the whole thing, and keep up the good work! Thank you."
— Iulia, United Kingdom

"Using such a large font for the Punjabi is wonderful. The lesson structure is clear, too."
— Venus, United States

"I liked the course as a whole. It was concise and easy to follow and understand. Everything you needed was provided. The learner was in mind at all times."
— Ravinder, England