How to Learn Punjabi

Lesson One

Audio Course by Pimsleur

Pimsleur has recently released a thirty unit audio course in Punjabi. Available in digital MP3 format for download, this course provides 15 hours of spoken language practice and one hour of reading instruction.

Punjabi Videos

Stream or download high quality Punjabi videos for both children and adults. These videos are part of a worldwide educational program by and are available at no cost to the public.

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Our Course

The How to Learn Punjabi course is a step by step guide in learning Punjabi. It is comprised of seven lessons which are designed specifically for English speaking people.

This course approaches the Punjabi language from the standpoint of an English speaking background. As a result, the main focus of the course is word order. Word order, or syntax, is the arrangement of words in a sentence.

It is vital for an English speaking person who wants to learn Punjabi to focus not only on pronunciation and vocabulary but also on learning how to order those new words into a sentence.

Lesson One will explain how to form a basic sentence and then the following five lessons will gradually explain how to build larger sentences. To understand why word order is so vital, notice how confusing it is to see English words in the Punjabi word order:

“Every language in words randomly arranged not are.”

Putting Theory into Practice

The key to the success of this course is its practice exercises. A daily practice sheet is included with each lesson so that the student can immediately apply what he is learning.View Course»

It is also recommended that the student learn the Punjabi alphabet before beginning the course. A set of alphabet flashcards can be downloaded from our site. View Flashcards»

Although gender and many other aspects of the language are clearly explained, this course is not written for linguists. It focuses on explaining ideas using as few grammatical terms as possible.